Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Virgin America's Preroll Advert : Creepy And A Little Amazing

'Skip Ad' tends to be clicked on as soon as the countdown ends. Most of us can't even sit through 6 seconds. So how about sitting through 6 hours?

Virgin America is finding out. 

Their new preroll advert is just under 6 hours long and actually intentionally boring in parts. San Francisco agency Eleven have released their unusual new campaign for the airline today with the strange film at the centrepiece. 

The film is set in real time and depicts the typically dull events of a 5 hour 45 minute flight from Newark to San Francisco. The strangest part is all the passengers are mannequins. 

When Virgin was asked about the unusual video they said that the mannequins are to show how boring the flying experience can be if not with Virgin (BLAH is the airline shown in the video and is meant to be seen as the complete polar opposite of Virgin). The seats are cramped, the lighting is harsh and their is no entertainment - the passengers are literally bored stiff. 

The message?
You'd have to be on autopilot to mentally survive anything but Virgin.

Virgin went on to say 'if you wouldn't sit through the entire film (the full 6 hours is almost mentally impossible) why would you pay money to experience it in real life?'. 

See how you fare by watching the film below. 

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