Friday, 29 August 2014

Look Familiar?

Hershey revealed its new logo today to very unexpected reviews. What was intended to just be an updated version of a classic Hershey's kiss image has had many wondering what Hershey are really trying to say about their chocolate.

If you think this logo looks a little too similar to the smiling poo emoji, you would be joining the hundreds of other people in their reaction to the reveal. 

The re-branding of this world famous chocolate company has been in the making for the last year and, though the new typeface is a brilliant face lift for company, looking at the logo design it's a little difficult to see where exactly the time was spent.

Senior vice president and chief growth and marketing officer for Hershey, Mike Wage, said that the new design is intended to show how Hershey is making a "progression to a modern, innovative company".

The designers, a team led by Ron Burrage along with goDutch and Alexander Design Associates, wanted to simplify the logo by removing the dated silver wrapper on the Hershey's kiss. This simple change has led to the logo far more resembling a steaming pile of faeces than a 'kiss'.

It is hoped the new logo will be on all of the company's outlets by the beginning of 2015.

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